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About Us

Boland Parvaz Khavar was founded in 2011. Having established its own private airport - called Aflak Asia Airport - at the southern side of Evyanaki Industrial Town on Tehran-Semnan Road in 2013, the company started to offer private pilot training courses and recreational flights. Currently, various ultralight and light airplanes, gyros, and motor-gliders are using the services at the airport. Boland Parvaz Khavar is ready to provide governmental and private organizations, as well as the public, with aviation services. 


Contact us

Boland Parvaz Khavar


No. 22 - Ordibehesht Alley - Ghoghnoos Alley - 2nd St. - North Falamak St. - Eyvanak Blvd - Shahrak-e-Gharb - Tehran - Iran

Tel: 021-88573033 (Ext: 400 - 401)

Fax: 021-88590499

Email: [email protected]


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